GUEST POST: Makeup That Survives the Heat

Hi everyone,
Every month the members of the CBB (17 in total) do a guest post on another members blog. This month we have Laura from Beyond Blush! The theme for this month is “Makeup that survives the heat”. I am so excited to have Laura as my guest blogger this month. Be sure to go check out her website, she has beautiful makeup looks and reviews!


I’m a huge fan of makeup sprays, whether it be a primer or a makeup setting spray. Today I’ll be sharing my two favourite makeup sprays with you, MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Mist & Fix, and Skindinavia’s The Makeup Primer Spray. These sprays are incredible useful during the hot Summer months, and they help my makeup to stay put, no matter how hot it gets.


MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Mist & Fix – I use make up setting sprays after I’ve applied all of my make up, except my mascara and liquid eyeliner. Mist & Fix applies fairly heavily, which leaves my face looking very dewy at first. However, this quickly dries within about 30 seconds. I would recommend not touching your face at all while this spray is drying, since this will make your make up smudge. Once the spray has fully dried, my make up is set for the entire day! I have found that this product helps my face look great all day long, even until I remove my make up at night. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Mist & Fix helps to improve the lasting power of my foundation, which normally tends to fade throughout the day.

Skindinavia’s The Makeup Primer Spray is a new product on the market, and I’m absolutely loving it! To use, simply shake up the bottle, and lightly spray onto your face. I use about 4 sprays to cover my entire face – I love that the micro-fine mist doesn’t leave my face looking or feeling wet. The product absorbs almost instantly, and you can start applying your makeup. Since this product is in spray-form, it’s very hygienic and easy to use. This primer keeps my makeup looking amazing all day, and all night long. There’s also an oil control formula that keeps my my face shine free all day.

I love how easy makeup sprays are to use, you don’t need a brush, a mirror, or to get your hands dirty. If you haven’t tried any beauty sprays before, these are definitely my top picks. I always reach for a beauty spray on hot Summer days, or when I need my makeup to look great all day long. Have you tried a makeup spray before?


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    Great post you have here! I haven’t tried either of the MUFE or Skindanavia setting sprays, but I have Mac Fix + and Urban Decay Deslick, both of which work very well! Looking forward to seeing more posts from CBBs!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

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    I’ve never tried face sprays before, but I seem to be reading more and more about them lately. Definitely something I’ll need to try once I get into wearing makeup more regularly again (since I’ll be makeup-free for a while when baby first arrives).

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    Love the skindinavia spray and just got to try the MUFE the other day, the makeup artist says to tilt the face back and spray from up above and far away so only enough of the mist will land on the face :)

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