Plants > Bulbs > Allium bulbs > Allium 'Purple Rain' Watch all videos > Back. The large open flower heads grow up to 15cm and are made up of small star-shaped purple flowers. The Greatest Name In Dutch Bulbs. Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’ Alliums come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny 1-inch round heads to flowers nearly 1 foot across and varying heights up to 6 feet tall. 4.5 out of 5 stars (2,628) 2,628 reviews $ 5.00. Planting Three to four times their own … AUTUMN PLANTING BULBS SHIPPING Orders placed before 31 Aug 2020 You can expect your order Sep / early Oct 2020 Orders placed 01 Sep - 30 Sep 2020 ... Allium Collection Purple Rain £32.73. Out of Stock. Taylor & Sons Bulbs Ltd. Washway House Farm, Holbeach Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 7PP. available to order from summer 2021. Alliums are members of the onion family, so their fragrance may be rather pungent. Dense heads of deep purple. The deep purple flowers slightly bigger than a tennis ball and grows to a height of 90 cm. Likes well drained soil & full sun Best advice & support. 0 items. Free delivery >£60. Allium Cameleon £4.04. Early … The smaller varieties of Allium should be planted 4" deep and the larger varieties 7-8" deep. Flowers last for an extended period of time in the garden and make great fresh cut blooms as … Allium obliquum. Allium Purple Rain is known for it's huge, round, purple 6 in. Growing and Maintenance Tips for Allium Tall 'Purple Rain' All wholesale Spring flowering bulbs must be planted in the Fall Soil temperatures must be 55 F or below to ensure proper root development The optimal planting time is when night-time temperatures are 40-50 F The ideal soil pH level for flower bulbs is between 6 and 7 Not available in ID and WA. From shop dannypleasantgardens. Allium Purple Rain was one of, if not the best performing allium at last years RHS trials at Wisley. Allium Purple Rain. Plant bulbs up to three times their diameter, in autumn. Good to pair with our Allium Purple Sensation, which blooms earlier in the season. They bloom in early June, right after the late tulips. ... Allium jesdianum Purple Rain. 'Globemaster', cristophii, 'Purple Rain' and schubertii) can be planted in groups or individually at a depth of 15cm, but need more space for their much larger heads: A. cristophii and ‘Purple Rain’ need to be at least 30cm apart, and 'Globemaster' and schubertii need spacing at 30-45cm. Allium ‘Purple Rain’ is a hybrid of A. Growing alliums adds much to your garden as the flowers offer both height and that distinctive allium exclamation mark shape that lifts the blooms from the surrounding planting in the early summer when the borders are not quite so colourful. ‘Purple Sensation’ and A. christophii and flowers around mid December for us, just after A. Allium ‘Purple Rain’ has open, starry umbels up to 17cm across. Their colour is dark purple, similar to Allium Purple Sensation, and the heads are 15cm on tall 100cm stems, which makes them splendid for cut flowers and equally good as dried seed … Out of Stock. Colors include shades of blue, pink, purple, white, and yellow. Quick View Allium Nectaroscordum Bulbs - Sicilum 15 Bulbs. Plant all varieties of Allium in rich, well-drained soil in full sun in early fall. £140.00 per 1000 Flower a little later than other alliums in June/July. Height 80-100cm. Email: Call: 01406 422266 Email: Call: 01406 422266 Quality Assured Since 1919 … This pollinator-friendly plant keeps your garden stylish between spring flowering bulbs and … It’s not fully hardy and in colder regions should be mulched, or planted in pots and moved to a frost free area in autumn. Allium 'Purple Rain'. If you like Allium Christophii, Allium Purple Rain is a similar shape; a loose cluster of stars shooting out like small fireworks. 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star (0 reviews) Write review. Beautiful, 4" dark purple, globe-shaped flowers look … Allium Purple Rain. AL024. Allium 'Purple Rain' £3.99 £2.99 5 bulbs available to order from summer 2021 Buy Allium 'Purple Rain': Highly recommended, ideal for … Allium bulbs, or ornamental onions, come in a wide range of flower shapes and sizes, varying from the huge Allium Ambassador to the low growing Allium Moly. Highly attractive to pollinators, but unappealing to deer. 10/+ cm quality bulb for superior flowers. Height 80-100cm. The larger varieties (A. Allium nigrum (multibulbosum) Out of Stock. Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation will cause a sensation in your garden when the large 4" violet-purple flowers begin to appear. Ornamental onion with deep purple flowers, to 100cm with blooms 15cm across. Our promises. Like a firework mid-burst, Purple Rain blooms in awe-inspiring loose umbels of dark purple. The heads are slightly larger than Purple Sensation and it flowers slightly later so good to follow on. One of the very best new hybrids with open heads of deep purple slightly spikey flowers. Videos. Your Shopping Basket. Buy Allium 'Purple Rain' bulbs by mail order from Ashridge Nurseries. £16.00 per 100. The Bees love them too. Be sure to plant Purple Sensation Allium among other perennials that have good structure like Phlomis russeliana or 'Moonshine' Yarrow for Allium Purple Sensation to look its best. Stunning Blooms for Late Spring and Early Summer. Allium Purple Rain (Allium acuminatum) has large open ball shaped flower heads made from hundreds of star shaped purple blooms.. Alliums are striking ornamental flowers that will begin to flower towards the end of Spring as the foliage is dying down. Sure to naturalize and come back year after year! The Queen. This video is unavailable. A fantastic new hybrid with A cristophii. Purple Rain Allium is a stunning Allium with large violet-purple open flower heads. 9 items You're on page 1; Here is a plant which has made a swift rise to fame over the past couple of decades. Available. Advanced Search. The Greatest Name In Dutch Bulbs. Outstanding in the RHS trial of drumstick allium. Combines well with other perennials. Kranssalie - Salvia verticillata - Purple Rain - Duration: 1:00. dreamshot 1,493 views. For best results, grow Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Size We supply top size bulbs. This is becoming increasingly popular, due to its height and late flowering period. 10cm+ bulbs supplied. £9.99. ALLIUM PURPLE RAIN Pack of 2. £6.99. Allium schubertii. Allium giganteum. Allium bulbs, or ornamental onions, come in a wide range of flower shapes and sizes, varying from the huge Allium Ambassador to the low growing Allium Moly 25% OFF allium bulbs 5 bulbs £3.99 £2.99. 1 of a kind. Allium Purple Rain is a good reliable allium with lovely purple … Tel: 01406 422266 Email: Flower a little later than other alliums in June/July. The parents are Allium Purple Sensation and Christophii with the best characteristics of both, the flower heads are large and open with many star shaped flowers, making … Perfect bulbs for naturalizing. Like a firework mid-burst, Purple Rain blooms in awe-inspiring loose umbels of dark purple. Like a firework mid-burst, Purple Rain blooms in awe-inspiring loose umbels of dark purple This pollinator friendly plant keeps your garden stylish between springflowering bulbs and perennials. Attracts wildlife such as bees and butterflies and like most alliums make for an excellent cut flower. ... Allium jesdianum Purple Rain. Allium 'Purple Rain' Dutch garlic bulbs. Allium Bulbs - Purple Mix 20 Bulbs. 10cm+ bulbs supplied. Watch Queue Queue 'Purple Sensation' Allium, sometimes called Persian Onion, is a big favorite, with 4" purple, globe-shaped flowers that appear just before spring gives way to summer. Bulb Size 12/14 Top Size giving you the best results. Everyone who is everyone seems to grow alliums, they are a staple of every stately home and on every … 20-30" tall. Grows 34-38″ Plant 12-18″ apart. A vigorous variety. A vivid bloomer, 'Purple Sensation' prefers full sun but will also share its amazing color in partly-shaded areas. Autumn Planted Bulbs ; Alliums; Alliums. Order your Purple Rain Collection now. By Appointment to H.M. Each Purple Rain Collection package contains: 10 x Allium 'Purple Sensation' 5 x Allium 'Ambassador' 50 x Allium sphearocephalon 5 x Allium atropurpureum; At Farmer Gracy we only supply top size Allium bulbs for optimal performance. Guaranteed. 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