Enjoy our money-back guarantee,1-year warranty & free shipping offer. And that is one of the reasons why we inject and marinate our meat. The cooking process aids grate maintenance. The average price is a little higher, but the quality of the cooking is better. Infrared grills use radiant heat to cook. $150. The cooking time is most of the timeless then when a regular gas or electric grill is used. Cooking Grate . But I like to use easy and plain English to tell what I found out about what is an infrared grill. The gas heats the infrared element, which then radiates intense heat to the food. This Char-Broil electric grill is quickly becoming a classic favorite when it comes to infrared electric grills. The GrillGrate produces juicier and more tender food. Please wait... My Account; Sign in or Create an account; Gift Certificates; Contact Us; Store Locator; 90 Day Guarantee; HELP; CART; Search. Buy exact-fit Char-Broil Cooking Grates, Grids & Grills at GrillSpot Canada, the replacement grill parts store. TRU-Infrared™ yields 50% juicier food, less flare-ups, and even heat every time you grill. Includes both the grate and the emitter. This means that there is less or hardly any gas or electrically heated air touching our meat. Stainless Plate Grill Grates These grates offer a unique combination of the durability & performance of stainless with the fast heating time of a lighter grate. cooking for a large group requires a large infrared grill like the Charbroil gourmet series or even larger. 8. Hello Cy, Thank you for contacting us. This set of two pieces replaces the Charbroil infrared emitter tray (IR housing) AND the cast iron cooking grate. Because there are 4 different TRU-Infrared product lines, choosing which grill to buy can get pretty confusing. The lower end Performance Series Grills use TRU-Infrared cooking grates made of stainless steel or porcelain.This is a one piece design that combines the emitter and the grate and many users have difficulty keeping them clean. No worth it! The flame from the burner heats up the ceramic grill grate; then the food is set on the grate and cooked via the heat transferred to the grate. This means that the gas grill dries out our meat and that is a complaint you hear a lot. Add to Cart Compatible With The Following Models: There are no products matching your search. The higher temperature sears the meat faster and the heat is supposed to be more evenly distributed to the grilling area. The overall dimensions of the emitters match those of my original cooking grate trays and fit perfectly in the grill. SOL.TEC.TPS2 : TEC Pilot Kit. It is not easy to answer this question, because it all depends on your specific situation. Model # 2358971 Find Parts . Includes: One (1) CG-111SS stainless steel Emitter Tray; One (1) CG-111PCI cast iron cooking grate 18 1/4” x 8 1/4”. Cast iron grill grates used on outdoor gas or charcoal grills need proper seasoning and regular care. But look at your style of cooking and decide if an infrared will make it easier or improve the quality of your food. They can replace your existing grates or cover them. The grate protects food from flare-ups—ideal for fatty meats. ... G534-0008-W1_Cooking Grate.jpg. These grills have no infrared or radiant heating at all. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Gas Grill 877-346-4814. The Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 5-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill gives you the flexibility of cooking with various combinations of direct heat and infrared heat. The simplest methods use non-toxic household items, probably already on hand in your kitchen. Top Cooking Grate . Most Char-Broil Infrared models use a grate that is slotted and stamped stainless over an emitter tray, and there are stainless plate options for most Weber grills… I still got a little technical, but I hope I made it a little clearer. Grill Reviews – Accessories and Tips To Improve Grilling. That’s why we set out to document real stories of people who take a different path to grill. Many commercial ovens and grills use this technique already for a long time, but now it is affordable for backyard grillers like you and me. 1-12 … Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill … Infrared grills are most often gas grills suited for outdoor cooking. Char-Broil product lines. Click here for all the reviews of Char Broil infrared grills on our website. Cooking Grate Infrared Emitter . While there are a lot of infrared grill models on the market, this grill does very well because it works well and it’s not complicated to use. In 1961, Bill Best, founder of Thermal Engineering Corp., Had patented the first infrared burner. In the regular gas or electric grill, the flame or heating element heats the cooking grates. I hope you understand! Although it sounds a little like a sales pitch for their grill, I still think it adds value to this article to try to explain what an infrared grill is. Shop grill cooking grates & warming racks and a variety of outdoors products online at Lowes.com. Chicken breasts, pork, even well-done meats remain tender and juicy. Part Number: 3488898 Backorder. VICOOL 17" Grill Grates Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grid(Upgrade) for Charbroil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242716, 466242715, Walmart #555179228, G533-0009-W1, Set of 3, hyG937C 4.6 out of 5 … This grill has the standard height and weight so that you can carry it effortlessly. Flare ups are almost things from the past with an infrared grill. An infrared grill, instead of relying on hot air to transfer heat to food, uses an electric or gas element to heat a solid surface, which then radiates, or emits, far infrared waves directly into the food that sits on the grill's grate. Char-Broil's Commercial Series Infrared grill models feature a patented cooking grid and infrared emitter tray which radiates and transmits heat to grill food without exposure to flame. VICOOL 17" Grill Grates Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grid(Upgrade) for Charbroil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242716, 466242715, Walmart #555179228, G533-0009-W1, Set of 3, hyG937C 4.6 out of 5 … It has an innovative design supported by four steel legs. Date published: 2020-04-16. Best Infrared Grill: Napoleon Prestige 500 Excellent heat retention and huge cooking space. Cooking Grate Infrared Emitter . This was when he found out about the faster cooking and all other benefits of an infrared grill that we mentioned here. Free Shipping Cnt'l USA!! The hot cooking grates give us the nice grill marks we all like to see on our meat. Fortunately, cleaning a rusty grill grates is relatively easy. It features SABER's patented cooking system that eliminates flare-ups and heats evenly, ensuring consistent grilling results every time. More control also means less gas consumption, up to 30 percent less. Hongso 17" Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grill Grates Replacement for Charbroil 463242716, 466242715, 463242715, 466242815 Grill, G533-0009-W1, Lowe' #606682, Walmart # 555179228 (PCB004) 3 Pack, Hisencn 17 Inch Cooking Grates G533-0009-W1A for Charbroil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242715, 463242716, 463276016, 466242715, Walmart 555179228, 466242715, 466242815, 17" Cast Iron Grill Girds, Char-Broil 3297527R04 TRU-Infrared Replacement Grate & Emitter, Pack of 1, Gray, Uniflasy 17 Inch Cast Iron Cooking Grate for Charbroil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242715, 463242716, 463276016, 466242715, 466242815, G533-0009-W1, Lowe's 606682, Walmart 555179228, 3 Pack, 17", Replace parts 2 Pack Stainless Steel and Porcelain Steel Cooking Grid Replacement for Charbroil 463273614, 466241013,466246910, 466247110 Gas Grill Models, VICOOL 17" Grill Grates Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grid(Upgrade) for Charbroil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242716, 466242715, Walmart #555179228, G533-0009-W1, Set of 3, hyG937C, BBQ Future 4 Pack Grill Grate and Emitter Replacement Parts for Char-Broil Commercial, Signature, or Professional Series TRU-Infrared Gas Grills, Replace parts 3 Pack Stainless Steel Cooking Grid and Porcelain Steel Cooking Grid Replacement for Charbroil 463241313 463241013 463241314 466241313 Gas Grill Models, Cooking Grid Grate for Charbroil 463420507, 463420508, Kenmore 463420507, 461442513, Porcelain Enameled Grates Replacement Parts for Master Chef 85-3100-2, 85-3101-0 Gas Grill 16-7/8", 3 Pack, SHINESTAR 18 1/4 inch Grill Grates for Charbroil TRU-Infrared 463241313, 463241314, 463241013, 463241014, 463215515, 463215512, 463225312 Cast-Iron, Set of 3, Hongso 18 1/4 X 28 3/4" Polished Porcelain Cast Iron Cooking Grates for Charbroil 463241413, 463241414, 466241414, 466242414, 463247310, 463248208, G527-0014-W1 80021357 Tru-Infrared 4 Burner PCB008, VICOOL Porcelain Steel Grill Grates Replacement for Charbroil 463440109, 463420507, 463420508, 463420509, Kenmore 463420507 Master Chef 199-4759-0 Gas Grill, Set of 3, hyG019C, Utheer 17 inch Cooking Grid Grate for Gas Grill Model for Charbroil 463242715, 463242716, 463276016, 466242715, 466242815, G533-0009-W1, Lowe's 606682, Walmart 555179228 Gas Grills, Matte Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Cooking Grid Grates Replacement for Charbroil 463433016, 463461615, 463436215, 463420508, Kenmore 463420507, Master Chef 85-3100-2, 85-3101-0, G43205, T480 (16-7/8" x 27-15/16"), BBQ Future 3 Pack Cast Iron Grill Grate and Stainless Steel Emitter Kit for Charbroil 463242516, 463242515, 466242515, 466242615, 463243016, 463367516, 463367016, 466242516, 466242616, 463346017, Hongso Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grid Grates Replacement for Charbroil 463250210, 463250211, 463250212, 463251413, 463251414, 466251413; Thermos 461633514,PCF123 2 Set, Hisencn Grill Grates Replacement for Charbroil Advantage 463343015, 463344015, 463344116, Kenmore, Broil King and Others Gas Grill Models, G467-0002-W1, 16 15/16" Cast Iron Cooking Grids, 3-Pack, Hongso 18 3/16" Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron Cooking Grates Replacement for Charbroil Performance 463275517 5 Burner, Performance 300 2-Burner, Cart Liquid Propane Grill, 4-Pack Grill Grids, PCZ084, Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill, Replacement Parts for Your Nexgrill Grill, Repair Kit For Charbroil Advantage Series. 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