okinawan sweet potato Buy fresh Okinawa Sweet Potato Fat-Free Low Calorie Sweet Potatoes A native of the Japanese island Okinawa, the Okinawa Sweet Potato with its light brown skin and unusual purple flesh is richly nutritious and surprisingly sweet. It eventually made its way to the Hawaiian Islands, brought by the Polynesians, where the crop flourished in the rich volcanic soil. They are a 'must have' vegetable in warmer climates as they are so easily grown, highly nutritious and can be used in wide range of recipes. Japanese Purple Sweet Potato (1 LB)Excellent yields and flavor. Killing Mr House For Ncr, Types Of Permanent Magnets, Total Quality Assurance, 20 Inch Exhaust Fan, I've Got You Now, Star Fox, Espresso Manhattan Recipe, Teak Folding Outdoor Dining Chairs, " />